Thursday, August 19, 2010

Guest of honor

Not that he really cared, or even noticed, but Levi was kind of the guest of honor this year. It comes with the territory when you are the new baby at a big family event.

This what what he did most of the afternoon.

But when he made his grand appearance, look out! There was never a shortage of arms waiting to hold him.

Dad got first dibs.

Claire was next, which included a few kisses, of course!

My aunt enjoyed a few minutes worth... did my cousin.

I love these pictures of G.G.smiling and talking to her newest great-grandchild. I love even more that she prays for our kids (and us) regularly.

This cousin got the lion-share of Levi time. This was before he ate (as you can tell by the give-me-food look on his face).

And this was after (as you can tell by the just-in-case-he-spits-up bib).

Welcome to the family, Levi!

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