Monday, February 15, 2010

HAWAII Here We Come!!

Ever since Erik and I celebrated our 10th anniversary on a Hawaiian cruise, we have been itching to get back. We have only been the one time, and we had short day visits at each of the major islands - a great way to see the unique qualities of each island, but not enough time to really explore and experience all the islands have to offer. Claire has never been, but it's the number one place she wants to visit.

Sooo...after years of charges on our Alaska Airlines credit card, we now have enough airline miles to get the three of us to Maui for a week. We found a great studio condo in Kihei (thanks to all the friends who shared the VRBO tip) and with a full kitchen, we'll be able to save money on meals too - what a deal!!

Click here to see where we'll be staying.

Can't wait!!

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