Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Year...Not So New Blog

Since it's January, I have resolved to be a teensy bit more consistent with updating my blog. ( it's January 31st, but I still made the cut-off for New Year's resolutions.)

I wrote a post called Finishing a few months ago and technically followed through by finishing the pictures from Vashon, but I really wanted to post ALL of the summer pictures before I went on with September, October... you get the idea.

Now, so much has happened, that I'm overwhelmed with the idea of going back and catching up, so I'm just not going to. I'm starting fresh. Right now.

It's a new year, so I don't have to worry about LAST year's news and pictures, right?

Well, here's just a couple of things...

1. Claire started 1st grade and loves her teacher. Her reading took off all of a sudden in October and we can't believe everything that she is reading these days!

2. Our chickens started laying eggs - 2 lay brown eggs and 2 lay the most beautiful blue-green eggs. I'm hoping to post a picture soon, but if I don't - it's a new year.

3. Claire celebrated her 6th birthday with a "Candy and Costume" party in the park. She had a big part in the planning this year.

4. We finished our last job with our videography business, Creativedge Video and Erik started his new job as a partner with Blue Skies Cinema. It has been a wonderful change for him and we are so grateful that God opened up this opportunity.

5. Oh, and one last thing...WE ARE EXPECTING A BABY!!! Our baby boy is due to join our family on June 12, but we are already experiencing the joy of adding this little miracle to our family through these months of expectant waiting.

All for now. More to come.


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