Monday, August 3, 2009

More Colorado Pictures

I just finished looking through a TON of pictures...Colorado, Vashon, Oregon...and I realized that I have some work ahead of me if I want to get this trip documented before it's over. (O.K... who am I kidding - I'll be happy to get these pictures posted before the end of this month!)

Since I've been having some fun experimenting with some different PS actions, I thought I'd feature a few "new and improved" photos from our Colorado trip. Thank you again Pioneer Woman for the fun and FREE action sets!

First, the photo I posted the other day, but with the "Vintage" action applied:

This one of Claire uses the "Colorized" action.

Chase in "Sepia Tone"

Josiah in "B&W Beauty,"

then in "Seventies,"

and his cute little toesies in "B&W Beauty" again.

This next one's up for a vote.

Here's the original...


...and "Seventies"

Sooooo...which is your favorite?

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tlc said...

"Seventies" is my fav.