Saturday, August 1, 2009


I'm a perfect square today.

Did I realize it when I was 25? Nope. But I didn't need a quirky, fun reason to celebrate 25. I was in my TWENTIES - newly married, young, future ahead of me. I enjoyed turning 25.

I wasn't as excited about turning 36. Actually, the 35 mark hit me harder. At 35 I had to start checking the next age bracket box on every form I filled out. That association with 35-44 year olds was kind of hard to swallow. I was no longer considered a "young adult" at church. I felt the middle-age monster leering at me over my shoulder.

So this year, with 36 laughing that it was one year OLDER than that dreaded 35, I wasn't in much of a mood to celebrate.

That is, until my sweet cousin, Miriam (well...technically, she's the wife of my husband's cousin, which would make her a cousin-in-law?) at any COUSIN informed me that 36 is a perfect square.


I kind of like that.

Anything with the word "perfect" in it gives it a nice, positive feel, don't you think? So I'm going to enjoy being perfectly square this year. Some might say I'm already pretty "square" and I'm ok with that too. After all, I heard it's kind of hip.


tlc said...

I thought of you this morning, and the fact that it's your birthday. Happy Birthday dear friend! Being a perfect square is a great way to think of 36! Any ideas for 37? gulp!

Miriam said...

What a great birthday blog. Yes, let's be law-less cousins! I'm glad that being square is finally hip...I've been waiting a long time to finally be fashionable! : )