Monday, June 8, 2009

Let's All Dance Like a Daisy...

Yesterday was Claire's first fancy-schmancy dance recital. She has been taking dance lessons through the city's parks and rec department, and this year they went all-out with costumes and a nice auditorium.

Here she is in her daisy costume. SO CUTE! She was very excited to wear make-up for the first time.

This was a photo taken at the dress rehearsal. My camera settings were better than the pictures I took of the real performance, so I wanted to include it here.

Right before going on stage, we took them downstairs to the dressing room. They had coloring pages, tiny bottles of water, and fruit snacks for the kids. Love it.

The performance begins - "Let's all dance like a daisy..."

Claire's big moment was to lead the dancers in a big skipping circle and back to their original pots.

Rounding the corner...

...and back to the pots. Mission accomplished.
Wait...why is the girl on the other end gesturing like something's wrong? (Look at her hands...)

Oh...SHE want's that pot. And, as you can see, she took it!

Claire eventually found her way to the empty pot on the other end and climbed inside.

But she was NOT happy about it.
The whole moment made the audience laugh. We're still trying to convince Claire that it all worked out O.K.

And...the final bow!


Ken said...

That is too sweet!

So wonderful that she was about to be in such a great group with the wonderful costumes and arena.

*sigh* They're too cute at that age!

Claire said...

The photos and the accompanying story is so cute! Little ballerina flowers in pots =)