Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day "Hamburgers"

When I received an email asking me to bring something for a Father's Day potluck at church, the FIRST thing I thought of was Bakerella's latest post. Little hamburgers made out of cupcakes and brownies??? It just about busted the cuteness meter.

Everything (cupcakes, brownies, sugar cookies) was made from a mix, so it was pretty easy. The frosting was the pre-made Wilton buttercream that comes in a big plastic tub. I didn't even need to use my fancy decorating bags/tips - just ziploc bags! Bakerella provided PDF templates for the baskets and fry bags.

Look at the salt...I mean SUGAR on those "fries"! They were Y-U-M-M-Y too.

The guys seconded that motion...

And here's my cutie-patootie with a basket that was leftover. My name would have been "mud" if I hadn't saved one for her.

THANK YOU BAKERELLA!! Also, Cakewrecks featured them on their Sunday Sweets post. Check it out! (Scroll down past the shirt/tie cakes - it's at the bottom.)

Happy Father's Day!


Bakerella said...

Excellent job!

Love these photos, too.

Gerards Fam said...

You're so awesome! What a great idea and so creative!